About me

Name: Mercedes
Nick: Trampasj
Female: Brown Hair.
Horoscope: Scorpion & Snake.
Date: November 6, 1965.
Married: 14 1990
Passions: Faries, Draw, Pixels, Flowers
Actor: Pierce Brosnan
Color: Blue.
Mascot: The Cats
Numbers: 5, 7

About This Site: Siggies Village

SiggiesVillage is born and begins April 18, 2008. It is not my first site @ MundoPixel also part of my other sites dedicated to the pixels, passion many years ago at which I work since 2004. Since then we can say that I am an active pixelartist, I participated in many forums, bringing my tutorials based on my own creations and creativity.

My Pixels Addiction

I'm addicted to the Fairies and sheep, but also love all kinds of pixels created with love bright colors.

My Favorite Artists